• wouldn’t

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    It be nice if I got us a hotel room for a few days and we got to run away for awhile? I would hold you non stop. I would soak you up like a dehydrated sponge. I miss you so fucking much! My soul craves to be with you. My heart longs to have yours beat next to it in perfect rythem.You just feel so right! You have always felt right. I love you soooooo much. You are more than enough for me.
    We would lay in silence holding each other and that’s when I felt the most alive…. A part of me is gone since you cut contact. I wish you weren’t taken already. I wish it was me holding, loving, caring for you.

    Your my girl and always will be! Even if you don’t know it. Even if you don’t care. Even if you want a bus to run over me. That’s one thing you have no control over. 😉

    Love Always Your,
    Wannabe wonder woman! 🙂

    No reply expected, just a vent. Bashing this letter is welcomed!

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