• i’m sorry

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    Hate Is A Place Where A Man, Who Can’t Stand Sadness Goes. Revenge Is Darker Than A Blood Stain, Sadness Is A Dagger That’s Been Sharpened To Strike At Your Heart. As Days Pass By, It Only Gets Shaper And Shaper Until The Only Thing That’s Left Is The Sharp Power Of It. My Way Of Living Isn’t That Bad Either, But I See A Big Nick In My Heart And Fear Has Left A Crack In It. That One Precious Thing I Threw Away And Took Off On My Own. With My Precious Survivor Beside Me I Took Of On My Own. I Couldn’t Share My Sadness With The One I Love So I Escaped To Something Comfortable. By Myself I Ran Away To Burn My Body With My Own Hate. Isn’t That True. Who Am I To Blame Anyone For This I Left The One I Loved, Do I Still Have Right To Seek Revenge For My Past. At The Most Important Moment I Chose To Be Alone. To Only Concentrate On The Battle. I’m Only A Sword Without A Sheath. Filled With Scratches And Blood Stains. With A Fatal Nick, A Broken Sword. Sigh How Could I Left Her Like That. What Can I Say To Her Now? It Was A Battle I Started But It’s Different From What I Wanted Then, Nobody Has Ever Pushed Me Into This. I Jumped In And Started It But The Thing That’s Burning Me Isn’t Just The Fire Of The Sword. The Memory Of Our Days Is Still Burning Me Up Inside. Right But This Lil Fire Of Hope Is What’s Keeping Me From Being Sucked In The Dark Eternal Flame? Once Again Only After Loosing It Why Do I Only Notice It Now. Without Realizing It! Not Even Realizing It Already Slipped Outta My Hands…! From Now On I Will Never Lose It Again. But I Am Back Maybe A Little Different Than Before But Its Me After All And I’m Still The Same Before All This Things Happened. And That Good Part I Kept Is All Thanks To You. For Sure It Was You’re Doing, Because You Were With Me And I Can Still Smile, It’s So Embarrassing. When I Was Dying It Was Only Your Flame That Kept Me Warm. Even If A Sword Has Cracks And Rust, In The Core It Always Has Good Metal, That Metal Is The Best Of Metal Of All. No Matter How Big The Crack Is When You Put It In The Fire It Always Revives.

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    1. @ author
      October 5, 2016 at 7:33 pm

      This is so beautiful. Made tears roll down my face. Its beautiful how much one can love. Love so deep self affliction takes place. This letter is written as such you can feel the author and sharpening of blades.

      Thank you for such raw emotions shared.

      Letters here are rarely felt with such love, sadness and hurt, but yet with linger of hope. Truly a gift you have with words. The painting you paint with words are appreciated. Please keep writing. When I read this I felt but a bit of relief in my own grief.

      Your #1 fan

    2. Truth
      October 11, 2016 at 1:00 am

      @ Author-

      Prove it to her…. Relight the fire and stop relying on her to take care of you.

      You may have used your sword too much…your hope is real, but if you fear loss and shame of yourself so lightly, she’s already gone.

      Fight for her and keep doing it, Not against her.

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