• I would like to mee

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    I pondered upon the legitimacy
    of making you my one and only reason
    for entering the industry.

    I have never met you,
    nor have you seen me.
    And we live across each other,
    on the island of tea
    and the island of tea-makers.

    But before I let this goal of mine pass,
    I will have shaken your hand,
    gazed your eyes,
    and say,
    “Hi, nice to meet you,
    I’m Daniel”.

    The most unlikely Joe,
    and the most unknown DiCaprio.
    A Mimic on a mirror,
    and The hairpin on The Queen.

    Emma, Doice, or young Malificent,
    whoever you have been,
    I will rest when I’ve felt your sight
    graze upon my skin.

    And so, my journey begins.
    My sights are set.
    I shall be an actor,
    and you’ll bless me with your…

    It doesn’t matter what with,
    A smack, a sneer, a kiss, a lick,
    I’ll accept it with honour and grace.
    or, hyperventilation.

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