• To S . Friendships and drifting

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    To S.

    Whats happened to us we used to be so close and now I feel so distant from you, you have put these wall’s up and I can’t break them down since you got your new bf you have shut me out and it’s killing me the only time we talk is when we have meaning same old convos about hey how’s you, yeah good you, blah blah blah and that’s it..it ends there what’s happened we used to talk about everything u don’t tell me anything anymore I feel so separated from you it’s breaking my heart your my best friend and tbh you feel like a stranger to me now…it’s like I’m just somebody u used to know…I’ve tried and tried to talk to more and all I get is short replys. ..u say you miss me but u don’t involve me in your life anymore half the time u ignore me all night then u act like u haven’t and then other times its just talking mundane shit. I wish I knew what’s happened because it’s makin my life very upsetting…I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it anymore or if I’m just wasting my time keeping on trying..I told u about my plans for the weekend and u said nothing and then I found out your plans because u told someone who lives in the same house as me..

    It just feels like you don’t give a shit anymore and u couldn’t care less about our friendship.

    And I don’t know what to do. I’m at the end of my tether there’s only so much I can take of u pushing me away until I just say well I guess it’s enough she don’t want to know…

    I love you s your my best friend and have been for as long as I can remember I don’t want our friendship to end but please put in some effort because if u don’t then I guess this is it. I miss us I miss our conversation’s I miss being able to tell u everything that’s going on and vise versa.


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