• To My Sweet Peach

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    When friends wonder why I glow.
    I tell them I’ve springs of secret joy.

    I never tell them that
    somewhere in the world
    a heart beats steady and true.
    Never slowing, never waivering, never waning

    I do not tell them that
    With each beat, love pours out
    and collect in warm pools, that nourish my soul,
    and light it from the inside.

    I never tell them how
    its shimmers in every smile
    and trickles with a skip of every step;

    I do not tell them is that you
    are that spring that fills my pools.
    I don’t tell them is that you
    are that secret, in my joy.

    my strawberry flavored chocolate covered peach

    – Dha Dha

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    To My Sweet Peach

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