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    Only moving forward because you have made it clear you want nothing more to do with me. I don’t know what I was thinking. I know my feelings for you got deep. I had thought yours had too. I obviously was wrong. If you really knew how I felt about you, you would probably think poor thing. Lol. It’s ok. Its not your fault. Its mine. I knew I was your first female. That doesn’t make you gay or bisexual, but you were just curious. I should have kept my feelings in check. Shame on me for letting my guard down. It wasn’t fair to you. For that I am sorry. I would have tossed me away to if I were you, probably. I’m not going to lie. Its been really hard on me. I say I had pushed you away but I had to for my daughters sake. She needed me 100% while her dad was passing. Trust me it wasn’t easy. I wanted to be with you 100% all the time. I had thought when we said friends forever that our friendship was strong enough to handle the little separation. I know on my end it could have and would have. I had to move fast. I practically had full custody of my daughter over night and panicked when I lost my job at the restaurant because of having to be at the hospital everyday. My situation now is more of a roommate situation. Yes we still have sex but its not often and its different after meeting you. You didn’t give me a chance to talk to you about it. You probably weren’t looking for explanation anyway. I had accepted your situation and who you were living with. I thought I would get that in return because our friendship was strong. So I thought. I did fall in love with you and still am. I don’t know how to undo something like that. Funny huj? Like I said, not your fault. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. Want me to make you laugh more? I’ve held on for a year hoping in us and reconciliation. I now know my place. You have made it clear. I’m sorry for the unnecessary sexual letters. I guess they were just desperate pleas of hope. Ridiculous huh? If you ever run across this letter I want you to know that I meant my end of friends forever. If you ever need anything my number hasn’t changed. You’ve clearly changed yours and I don’t blame you. I have a feeling this kind of love never goes away I just have to figure out what to do with it. I am going to move forward because that’s clearly what you want. I want you happy that’s very important to me. Do I regret anything? Only that I wasn’t enough. Not your fault. I should have never put you in a position to make me enough. Ok I’ve taken enough of your time so I will say bye.

    Love Always,

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