• For You

    by  • October 4, 2016 • Confession • 0 Comments

    Hey. I know that we barely speak, we speak more outside of school than in but…God, where do I even start. Well. I miss you. I really do, I miss your presence. I miss being able to say stupid things around you and I miss your laugh. Your laugh and your smile just make my day so much brighter. I love experiencing things with you, new things and just interesting things. Haha, illegal activities that we commit. I just want to have a pack of cigs, coffee, few joints, and you. For us to just get away and go have some fun. To forget about all of the shitty things in this world. I don’t want to leave here without you, hell I don’t want to go to sleep without talking to you sometimes…but it’s hard. It’s really hard to do. I can’t give or ask for attention. I won’t. I am not entirely in love with your existence. I do not wish to date you, but dear God I never want to be without you. You are a close friend to me who allows me to say whatever and you accept it. You allow me release. When we talk, or when we drive in my car, I feel like its just us in the world. I get good vibes and I get this calm feeling. I do not think that it will ever be possible to let you go…but I hold onto this fear that after high school we will never see each other again. Me, you, and everyone else. I am making the most out of this senior year. Every chance I get, I use it to see you guys. Especially you, Because you are an amazing human being. So unique, and fun to be around. I miss you so much. So God Damn much.
    I just
    I miss you.

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