• Dear Madeline

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    Dear Madeline JP

    Honestly I still love you and will do anything to have you back. You were and still are my sunshine in my dark days. I miss seeing you smile all the time. I can’t stop thinking of you although it’s been about two years since we broke up. I loved all your imperfections and all your perfection. Now I just wish you are able to forgive me for my mistake I made. The days I made you cry, or made you feel like you were not loved. I just wish I would have been a better boyfriend. I can’t continue like this no more I need to see you at least ones more. So I can try to rebuild what you and I feel for each other ones. I would get I one or both knees to ask for forgiveness if I gave to. I still hold o e to all the old photos of you dearly. Because I still love you as much or even more them when I meet you that one day in class. So please love rebuild this broken heart that no else would be able to fix up. I’m hoping you find this, but for now I wish you the best in life my love.

    I loved you
    I love you
    And will
    always love you

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