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    Ok, I get it you’re not feeling very horny right now, it’s you’re medicine, it’s not me, you don’t feel good, you’re tired. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE. We haven’t had sex in months. It’s driving me crazy. I am constantly thinking about going out finding another guy and fucking him and that makes me feel like shit it makes me want to leave you, find a real man who can take care of my needs! The problem is I love you to damn much. I need you to come home keep your moth shut about how hard your day was throw me on the floor and fuck me. Just fuck me, I’m past wanting to make love to you! I just want your hard cocktail in my pussy pounding away. Pull my hair, call me a dirty whore, slap me around a little, FUCK ME!!!! MAKE ME SCREAM!!!! I WANT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW TO FUCKING SORE TO MOVE!!! however I know that the moment you walk through that door you’re just going to start whining like the little bitch you are never appreciating the clean house, hot meal, and listening ear you come home to. NOTHING IS EVER ENOUGH FOR YOU! AND YOU ASK ME TO NEVER EXPECT S3X AGAIN! YOU ASK ME TO GIVE UP MY DREAM OF CHILDREN FOR WHAT!? So I can continue to serve you? To hear you bitch at me every time you catch me masturbating.? One day you might drive me over the edge and I might find someone to fulfill my needs but for now I suffer in silence.

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