• For him:

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    Hey there.
    Me again. Sorry I keep saying stupid things when all I am trying to do is pretend. Pretending that your mere presence doesn’t light a fire in my heart and shake up my soul. Pretending that the sight lf you doesn’t make my eyes sparkle. I know that you know one second. Then the next I think I’m just being delusional. I tell myself that I am only in love with the you that my mind has created. But I’ll never tell my deepest secrets. I can’t. I am taken, and taken by someone you love as well. We both care, don’t we? We both feel this… this… INTENSE MAGNETISM. At least, I think we do. I’m so pulled to you. I can feel your arms holding me as I sleep, even though you are miles away. You visited me in my dreams, until I mentioned it to you. Then you vanished. Now my dreams are lonely too. Just know that when you aren’t around, I am so lonely. But I know when you have plans to see me, I become giddy. Even before I know for sure, I become giddy. Then I get assurance and I become nervous. I am terrified that I’ll say the wrong thing again. Ugh, my cycles. Why does it have to be so complicated?


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