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    I’m reaching out to you. I was angry. You’ve all but destroyed people’s image of me. HOW DOES IT FEEL? It’s not so great, when someone lobs it back at you; now is it? Yes, we were in a relationship, and you popped a squat on me and crapped. I’ve told you that I do NOT tolerate people lying to me. Patience, something that you never learned; I don’t know what kind of parents you had, but they….scored a D-minus, at best. You 4 are the coldest, cruelest people I’ve encountered. All I’ve ever asked from you, is CONSISTENCY! I tried to sabotage your FAKE life? No. I told the truth, about what kind of person you were, to me. But the longer time passes, the more bridges you burn. And you’ve burnt this one. Not that you care. Just move on and lie to someone else.

    Your doormat.

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