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    by  • September 10, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, To Everybody • 2 Comments

    Because I respond to letters doesn’t mean I believe they are for me. I find it a good way to vent as if I had the chance to voice to my person feelings I’ve had pent up for awhile. I have found that it relieves a lot of what I wasn’t given the opportunity to

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    by  • September 10, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    i know that you are aware of how i feel about you. i’m sorry if i want to end this. i’m sorry, really. it just doesn’t work you know? no matter how hard i try, my decision is still the same. maybe we’ll work out years later. who knows? just give me some time to

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    @ Bundle aka Mirranda . . .

    by  • September 10, 2016 • Abuse • 5 Comments

    You’re a trailer park whore. No one wants to marry your fat ass except for me. You’re a lying slut. You’re fat. You’re ugly on the inside and the outside. You don’t know anything about unconditional love. You are an awful person, truly. It’s funny because now I actually feel bad for you. You are

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