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    Open letter to whomever may find it useful ; Dear, I’m not sure of your name, and I’m not sure of your living situation, either. What I do know, is that I’m 16, in New Zealand, and wow, I think my head’s bit screwed up. You see, I’m hopelessly in love with dreaming. I’m also

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    Southern Cross

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    Documented even before my time, the feeling known before it was born The words not understood by the musicians The words blowing through them like an unknown wind spirit Demons encasing their souls and previewing them to the song that had yet to be played Teasing the future Here it is now, Under my skin

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    smut poster

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    you writings are filth & seeing how you dont bother posting any kind of warning or clue its gonna be another one of those posts. im just tired of being grossed out when ive already read one or two lines. NSFW warning? something? never mind, keep LINS, Im out Related Post Echo That Fuzzy Hats

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