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    There were a times

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    Making the roadtrips early on, or when he came to see me , Id be so afraid and I seriously contemplated turning back or cancelling. I’d think crazy thoughts like everything was a plot to rob me, or assassinate me, to there’s got to be another lady on the side. Eventually the fears became less

    The you

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    That i see in my mind isn’t wrathful, but truthfully I have these fearful thoughts for just about everyone but I’m wrong a lot. Related Post Dear You, get out of my life. get out get out get out! I wish you could read this…


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    I will always love you wherever we remain,my wishes will always flow for you even if I can’t reach ,my thoughts will always reach you. Related Post I don’t know anything about this life. I Hope You Hate Yourself. best friend it’s for you

    Dear Travis,

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    Dear Travis, You’re getting married in 17 days. You ruined me when I needed someone the most. You weren’t there when my grandmother passed. You weren’t there when I found out that father was cheating on my mother. You weren’t there for the divorce that left me in pieces. You weren’t there when I was