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    I try to forget what can’t be forgotten. I try to move on, but I’m stuck in a loop. I try to smile, but I don’t remember how. I try to be happy, but I’m depressed. It’s not easy being here. I truly loved you, but now what I’m holding onto is your happiness, your

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    Letting go

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    I loved you and loved you and loved you. That’s all I ever did, love you. You were everything to me and I was only sometimes to you. This is why it hurt. It hurt because I did so much for you and got nothing back. Because I was the one who cared endlessly only

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    I want to toss burning coals in the air like confetti, I want to dance through the air with the cinder. I want a snowfall of embers, and ashes, and flames. I don’t care if my lungs fill with smoke, if I’m streaked in soot and marred by burns. I revel in the grime and

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    My Dearest Jay Aren’t you something to admire, Cause your shine is something like a mirror, And I can’t help but notice, You reflect in this heart of mine, If you ever feel alone and The glare makes me hard to find, Just know that I’m always parallel on the other side. I can tell

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