• I will take fries with that

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    I open the door after the sound of a timid knock. Our eyes move to lock into each other as does a positive to a negative on a magnet meet. I take steps back and the door opens wide as a silent invite to come in. It remains silent in the room enough to hear a feather hit the floor. The inside of me is loud with crashing waves and the movement of its tides consuming my whole being. I wonder if you can hear it? The look on your face proves you feel it. A look of sweet surrender with sun kissed fear. Neither one of us anxious to talk words. We are satisfied with our bodies speaking their own language only the two of us can interpret, without verbal voice. I take in a long deep breath of you. Ohhh it’s heavenly, the sweet scent of perfume, shampoo and lotion tangled together with lustful chemistry. Our eyes locked on to each other as if some force makes it impossible to look away. We draw closer to one another. No longer a care in the world, only exploration of the land before us (each other). I want to make love to that gorgeous mouth with mine. I lean in, as do you. Our eyes part only to see the dark as they close in response to tides movement. I can feel your heartbeat up against my breasts. I can feel your warmth on my thigh as you wrap your leg around mine. You pull me in closer. I want to feel your skin on mine. The feeling of heated silk sheets. The first sound of the evening, our moans of sweet release. Bodies aching to become one.

    To be continued.

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