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    Just need to accept I was just a mere curiosity to you. I’m guilty of seeing letters on this site with people claiming their love for someone and hoping it was you. I’m guilty of seeing letters from people claiming to miss someone who once was and hoping it was you talking to me. I’m

    I smiled writing the last three lines

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    Jordan- I can’t comprehend why people like you are allowed to exist. I can’t comprehend what you mean when you say you didn’t mean to make me feel “forced”. I can’t comprehend your misunderstanding of the word “no”. I can’t comprehend why this had to happen to me.. Or while we’re talking about it, why

    Bad Ones

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    But oh, how the bad ones break me. The ones with dark hair, piercing eyes, sultry auras. The ones who bring pain and misery, the ones that wrap their arms around me to sooth and comfort and protect me. The ones who love me more than anything, and put me before anyone. The ones who

    So Beautiful

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    I don’t think you realize…just how beautiful you are. I’m sure your family sees, especially your mom. But for some reason you can’t. It’s not because people find you dark, mysterious or physically attractive.That’s not the real beauty of you. Or that you survived multiple operations at the hospital. You see I’m drawn to mysteries.

    Did you??

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    🙂 Did you take a picture of me? Seriously… :/ :’ It’s great if it provides any sort of comfort, but you baffle me. I just don’t really see the point. If you want to speak then lets. You don’t need to do that. I’m pretty sure you would be horrified if I did that


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    Do you remember it? The night the room boomed with electricity? The first time we took it all the way, coming and crashing down like bolts of lightning, the claps of thunder like a soundtrack to our tale. I remember how the room lit up again and again, flashing with light and illuminating every part