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    almost last post

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    Hi Phil, its almost one and a half years ago that i had last glimpse of you in violets. This is my almost last post for you , after all these anonymous blabbering and mind dump i finally found what i was looking for – peace of mind . Something changed am willing to take

    I don’t know

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    I know it’s over. And in the midst of my drunken nights, trying to forget you, I still dream of you. It’s like even in my dreams, you won’t stop torturing me. But then I don’t know which is worse. When I dream that you’re still here and then I wake up not to find

    This One’s For You

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    I wish that letter you thought was mine was actually mine. Nothing could’ve embodied the way I do feel as well as it did. I’m sorry I’m not sorry- it’s true. I’d have to be literally stupid to believe anything you said. To spout such bullshit, to pretend it’s all fine. That you wouldn’t want


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    Secret of your eyes Are revealing all My heart is listening to Your silence Don’t say or hear anything Just remain alongside me how deep my love is! Does a shadow from one’s body Ever get separated Doesn’t matter how strong the winds are……….. Related Post I want I miss you A letter to Nathan