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    We are dining out! The restaurant is packed with people. We are feeling the chemistry in the air. Its been building all day. Your wearing my favorite dress that I love on you, (makes you look professional, sophisticated and sexy) at the same time. Your hair up just the way that I think is perfect. We can’t stop starring at each other without others noticing the lustful wanting we have for one another. I can tell your wanting it. You excuse yourself to the restroom. As I’m sitting I notice I’m wanting you bad. I get up and tell the waiter we will be back, not to clear the table. I go into the restroom. I walk to the stall that shows your high heels. I knock. You open the door. At the moment we are the only ones in the restroom. The look of surprise on your face is priceless. I turn you around and pin you to the wall. My pussy is massive aching and throbbing at this moment. I take my feet and knock your legs apart. You ask what I’m doing and I respond ” I’m taking it”! I take my hand and reach up your dress. I maneuver your panties to one side and slip inside deep and hard. My other hand has you’d head up against the wall. You start saying ” yes,yes,yes take it”! I’m thrusting hard. We hear the door open as someone walks in. As I’m thrusting I whisper in your ear ” shhhhh”! Your eyes roll to the back of your head. The other person has no clue we are in there. We are trying to be silent, but its very hard. I feel your legs get weak. I pull harder on your hair. I start kissing your sexy swollen mouth. You let out a light moan. I pull your head back towards me as I’m thrusting deep inside and whisper ” I told you shhhhh”! You shake your head yes as I push you up against the wall. Your looking at me like you can’t be quiet anymore. We hear someone else walk in. I turn you around to face me as I put my finger to your mouth. You start sucking my finger as your eyes roll back. You then grab my hair and whisper to me” I’m about to cum all over you bitch”! I look at you like (oh yeah?) I slide to my knees and you straddle my face I stick my tongue deep. Your legs weak and shaking you grab my head as I feel and taste a flood of your wet hit my mouth and face. The look you give me once you realized what just happened, priceless! I stand up. I walk out, wash up a bit and go back to the table and wait for your return.

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    1. disgusted
      March 15, 2017 at 3:29 am

      Oh my….KARMA! So predictable.

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