• I lay

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    You back while kissing you hard. I whisper in your ear “spread those sexy legs. I want to taste you”! I start working my way down to your neck. You smell sooo sweet. I feel your pulse on my lips, beating fast. Your grinding up against my leg that is in between your legs. You are soooo wet. I work my way down to your hard nipples and I take a little nibble. You say my name. I suck hard and move my tongue fast. You grab my head by my hair. Your grinding harder. You whisper in my ear ” you feel so good”. I start working my way down to your stomach. I take my tongue and slide from your diaphragm down to your pelvis. You let out a whimper. Your legs are spread wide open. I start kissing and licking your inner thigh as I take a bite every now and again. You say ” your so fucken sexy. I want that tongue deep inside me”. I move to the other thigh making a pit stop on your wet lips. Your skin gets flush with heat. You smell sooo good. My mouth waters at the thought of your taste. I start kissing your other thigh. I slide my mouth to your aching pussy. I suck the lips and tongue your clit. You move my head towards the source of your wet. You tell me ” I need you inside. Your driving me crazy*. I slip inside. Now both of your hands are grasping my hair. You spread your legs even further apart. You start saying my name. I can feel your legs starting to shake. I look up at your gorgeous face. Your eyes are closed. Sweat rolling down your neck. Your biting your lip as you turn your head. You beg me not to stop. I start thrusting harder and deeper!
    Your legs get tense…….

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