• Hypocrite

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    I had to cover up – you would make me button my shirts up to my neck and wear long skirts. But you could answer the door to women and flirt with them in your underwear.

    I couldn’t look at or talk to the waiters or taxi drivers – but you could flirt and tell girls how good looking they were or how nice their name is or wind your car window down and talk to a girl in the next car – if I did that – you would have broken up with me.

    You could impregnate numerous random women prior to meeting me but you broke up with me for kissing a man TWO YEARS BEFORE WE EVEN MET!!!

    You talked constantly about your exes and how good sex was and how good looking they were but I couldn’t mention my ex husband of twenty years who I was going through settlement with and is the father of my three kids, despite you talking constantly about the mother of your children. You broke up with me for answering a question that YOU ASKED ME about him!!

    You could snort coke at the same places your children were but I couldn’t drink in front of them.

    You BEAT the SHIT out of me for talking to a man in a bar – we were talking about YOU most of the time and I certainly did not touch him or flirt with him but it was OK for you to invite my best friend to stay in your apartment alone with you, when you knew I wasn’t going to be there and to flirt with her. That was the final straw. How I hung in there so long giving you forgiveness and putting up with your gigantic ego, is beyond me.

    I had to act like a ‘lady’ (which I do) but it was totally someone elses fault that people at the next table over in a restaurant asked to be moved away from you because of how offensive your language was with C and F being every second word. And yet, you constantly tried to get waitors in trouble for being ‘racist’ towards you when they were probably not thinking it at all.

    I DETEST HYPOCRITES more than any other type of dysfunctional person. Your level of self delusion is unparalleled. I’ve never met anybody who is so blind to the high standards they hold everybody else and yet act on the very lowest of standards for themselves. It’s ok for you to verbally abuse people but you sure get butthurt when you get it back. I hope KARMA bites you in the bum, bigtime.

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