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    im in deep and im running out of breath
    i stuggle but only sink deeper

    my pills don’t work anymore and my doctor was arrested for child molestation (fuck)

    my dad wants to kill himself because of his depression and my mum may not survive her neurosurgery that’s happening soon. i have no friends, nobody wants to date me and i’m just a loser in general. i guess you could say i’m popular at school, good grades, sense of humour and get along well with people but if only they knew what was going on inside.

    i have no will to live
    i have no desire to live
    i have no reason to live

    God didn’t help
    nobody can help

    i am so fucking done

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    1. I can help
      June 28, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      I hope both you and your parents are okay. I am sorry you feel as though God has not helped you. </3

      You should email me. I want to help you a bit with your depression. I can help you find the will to live.
      email admin@lettersillneversend.com for my email address.

      You don't need pills. Get off of them. Eat fruit. Build up your immune and central nervous system. Pills suck.

    2. Peter C
      June 29, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      That’s really tough. From the outside it sounds like it is really hard just to keep going. It sounds like if you could just chose not to have to wake up, you would chose that. Doesn’t seem to be anything in your life that is going your way, and also seems like you are very alone right now.

      But strangely, from the outside it could be really hard for people to tell that you are in such turmoil. You say you are popular, a good sense of humour, grades are fine. So it’s doubly hard for people to guess how difficult your life is from the inside. That sucks twice as much.

      Pills don’t fix everything, but if your pills used to work and don’t work any more then that is a place to start. It’s like if you have a car that doesn’t run very well, but you also have the parking brake on. First thing is to release the brake, frees the car to move the way it was intended to. Same way with pills. If your doctor is unavailable, can you ask his receptionist or nurse for a referral? Your life may already be hard, but it will be many times harder if in reality you could use pills to stabilize things and you don’t have those pills. Can you go check? Don’t leave it, these things don’t just get better suddenly by themselves.

      Then there are still the important things to figure out, I know. Like – is there anyone you can trust enough to let them know what you are REALLY experiencing. How you are REALLY feeling about things. If you can find the right person it can be such a relief just to be able to talk with someone. Let me know if there is someone like that in your life. If so, I encourage you to take a risk. If not, if you wish you can ask the LINS admin for my private email and I can help get you started.

      I hope you are able to take a next step, things sound hard right now.


    3. You
      June 29, 2016 at 10:40 pm

      Are in my thoughts and prayers. Please don’t give up, my heart is sending you strength, endurance and perseverance. My wish for your parents to both get better soon and for you to find a group or some adults to give you the support you need right now. Please don’t give up xxx

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