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    I remember her saying he should just hang himself when she was drunk. I remember her saying that the daughter would be better without that in her life…. and yet when we visited last night, she had nothing but good things to say, she said the were the perfect couple (apart from the killing himself

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    Plate tectonics of highs and lows. Mountains and channels carved ribbons through a heart once porous. Now heavy stone. Tears of a year should be enough; once a night, every night, to raise the waters and flood these canyons. To wash us clean of each other. Tonight I add no more. You branched away. Be

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    Eric, I read your letter. I will be at Watkins Glen on Saturday with friends. It will probably be after 1pm that we will start out. Probably reach there around 2pmish. You can meet me going up the trail. I hope you get this in time before Saturday. I’m glad you are intrepid. You are

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