• The Dark Chasm

    by  • May 4, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 2 Comments

    My tale is one of sickening stupidity, easily preventable by all but me, the most foolish of all humans. It documents a spectacular car crash. I have never made a right turn on the winding, complex road of life. Every turn that I take has led me into thorns and brambles. I always end up on the edge of a great precipice, looking out into the deep, consuming darkness. Only I can pull myself away from the horrifying Chasm. The hundred times that I have saved myself have been for naught. My choices, however outwardly wise, have led me again and again to the Dark Chasm that haunts my dreams and stalks my life. The hundreds of terrible decisions that I seem incapable of preventing, could be a pitiable story, if they weren’t all traceable to poor choices made by me. Choices made in bouts of emotion, clouded by my loneliness, frustration, anger, sadness, and stupidity. My dream is to be unswayed by the basic human emotions that affect us all. My goal will be to turn my life around and straighten the twisted dirt road into a paved, clear interstate, far away from the Dark Chasm. The Dark Chasm is not black, nor dark blue. It is the epitome of unforgiving, unwavering darkness. Ever consuming, ever expanding, made of sorrows, regrets, misery, and foolishness, the mistakes of my tragic life, which outnumber the stars in the sky. It contracts, only to expand back further than I could’ve imagined. It is inescapable lying in wait behind every wrong choice, watching me without eyes. It stares up at me, stripping me down to the most raw of human emotions. I am naked in front of the Dark Chasm, and I cannot hide or shield my deep secrets. It has no talons, fangs, or weapons to hurt me with, but nothing, no man or beast alive or dead has the ability to destroy me as the Chasm does.

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    1. Redaura
      May 5, 2016 at 12:10 am

      Quite beautiful, very deep.

      The kind of writing that makes you not only wonder about your own emotions, but to wander into the deepness of them yourself. To fully become what scares you most. To fearlessly drown yourself in your own emotions. We all willingly feed ourselves sweet tasting poison. But it is nothing but a mask, an outward expression of our inward darkness and depths.

      The fear is not of others and their perceptions of us, it is of ourselves and our own perceptions. We constantly ask ourselves the same questions,”Is this right? Is this wrong? What will they think?” But the truth, the very simple yet painfully complex answer is we are our own. We are the matrix inside of ourselves. We must win, and escape the maze of uncertainty and turn it into our own personal path of fearlessness and self belief.

      If you constantly fear the chasm, the black hole of oblivion, the maker and believer and habitat of all darkness, you must leave it and your darkness where it belongs. Throw it there. Leave it there in the chasm where it shall stay.

      For you are light. Your essence and aura are light. Darkness simply does not belong, it should be nothing but a simple outline, our darkest passions and stories of ourselves. But it should never be what carries us.

      Darkness will eat us all whole, mercilessly, without a second thought.

      Every emotion and feeling, they matter. Every heartbeat and breath taken is worth it.

      Darkness cannot hurt you if you simply stand up to it, breathe into it the light that you are made of.

      That you have always been made of, and will always be made of.


    2. Choices
      April 12, 2018 at 3:32 pm

      Better without choices?

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