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    Between self respect and cheap and dirty is good .. the difference is enormous.
    Respect yourself enough to know why you’d be the third woman to this man.
    Know that ONE thing you offer is not — love. Its not of any value, you haven’t won anything sweetheart, you stooped low.
    Know that what you see is what you get.
    Know , most importantly that while there are some women who respect themselves have some sort of code, a rule, sisterhood kind of thing if you like , also respect other women. Enough to know the difference, a jackass will always be a jackass but some women…while female will never be women.
    If you had to use your body to get where you are (and I laugh now) what does that tell you about him? Ok sex is good is it?
    Great, but don’t confuse the bam bam thank you mam for love and respect.
    If the first two used their bodies, they’d be by now married and most likely planning a future a life with some sort of meaning.
    If you like that, that’s great it means you are getting what you want too, out of whatever it is. But , if he cannot walk in public with you, hold you in your own street 🙂 show his face, does that tell you anything? He was with the two before you, right there unashamed, if I search my memory his words were “I’m so proud of who Im with I wish the whole world could see us”. Honey, be a woman. Expect more from this. ” hes with me now he loves me” doesn’t affect anyone think about it?
    It only, affects you sweetheart. Dignity is applied even when you are right there naked together letting the neighbours know someone is there but, honey let him ask for your hand and walk you outside your door :). I don’t remember any of them making you stand for a woman’s worth.
    Imagine your daughter?
    Imagine shes you, show her, show her self respect. But how can you?when you can take a man into your f cave and stand by the worst ever thing that could have happened to not just ONE before you but TWO. If anything, both wish that hed met YOU sooner. Are you with me?
    They only way he got the two before you was by force, yet you didn’t have to be forced did you? So what does this say about him, about you?
    Come on have bath because its necessary not just for one reason. I’m sad to think that all there is to this you call “love” is just that. Its not honey, its just sex. And anyone of us can have that with anyone, but think about that for a moment? Why don’t we? And why do we when we do? And who with?
    You are doing what you think makes “love” ok. Just don’t confuse that with love, so he buys you a few cheap things, that most of us could DIY ourselves.
    But what makes you different to those on the street? Don’t think they call it love? They are worthy of the fact that they know the “diff”
    I don’t mean to upset any woman. If i did then i’m not approaching this correctly.

    But women know their worth surely?
    Out of a 140 women I know only a fraction uses their body to be worthy to find that status, but love? No. Whats love got to do with it?

    Final question? What makes you think people wouldn’t be happy for you if that’s what you want? But have some dignity.
    I expected more of you.
    While I am happy for you, you can see why I am disgusted.

    I hope you see now too.

    Your once upon a time sister.

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