• Ex Co-workers cum ad signum

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    Dear sign company and ex co-workers,

    You should be happy it has been two years and that the chance of filling a lawsuit is impossible or almost impossible. To specific co-workers

    After two years of being harassed by you and my co-workers I managed to regain part of my confidence back by seeing a psychiatrist. Don’t act surprise you think that 2 years of verbal harassment and obvious indifference would not cause any harm. I was expected to patiently listen to everyone complain about their jobs and watch them patiently hear other people complain about their jobs. But they were not doing all of their job duties. And I was making up for lack of personnel in addition making up for their slacking. What made it worse was that their slacking was due to preferential treatment by you. If you like someone they can get away with being rude to customers and not doing their jobs, and get positive re-enforcement for their bullying against me. Guess what when we went to happy hour they would talk about how you were a bad manager and let your golden child C get away with coming in late, bad co-worker interactions, and missing work constantly. They think you are a push over and kiss up to you to for political reasons. I found out almost everybody left my department for better jobs a little bit after I quit. You had to call back your golden child to work part time and your lazy favorite employee to come back. He only came back because he can do whatever he wants. They don’t take that crap in other companies. I feel satisfied I started a chain reaction and your competent employees left only leaving you with the backstabbers that talk behind your back. In addition to that you have to deal with the factory manager that walks over you and imposes her will over you. You’re her puppet and she treats you like an inferior. You’re lucky your married to a relative of the CEO’s wife. One more thing your Hispanic and know how to talk Spanish. Stop acting like your Caucasian it does not make you better than anyone else. Besides you look Hispanic and self-haters are worse than racist.
    To the worst of the backstabbers. It is not my fault you don’t like your name, and never said anything when you told everybody to call you my god given name. You’re like D will not talk Spanish and rejected your name for being Spanish. I saw you talk Spanish to others to gossip and let out your toilet talk. Because you use my name it caused a lot of confusion and any problems that came up after you talk to someone got blamed on me automatically by D. She did not even look at the notes on the account or ask any question but blamed it on me. I am not going to blame you for that. But you had no right to send me a threating e-mail so you would not get in trouble for the lack of personnel. Just like you I am human and could not do the work of a whole tech support department. An 8 hour work day was like working 12 hours straight and it was unfair torture to take a 15 to 1hour phone call a minute before my shift was over to make up for the lack of personnel. We were in the same boat.

    Customer Support
    I lend a hearing ear when you will complain to me but never got the same courtesy back. In addition, you got preferential treatment, all the breaks you wanted, and use of the internet for long period of times for social media and shopping. I have a secret, your friend A talk behind your back. She will constantly tell me how you got preferential treatment and didn’t like you. She once told me she would go to happy hour with you but for political reasons. Now you know and can do whatever you want with the information.

    Sign company I hope you use this information to treat better your employees and get competent managers that value work not flattery.

    Who ever is reading this I wish I could use specific examples but that would be pages of details. What you should take out of this is that harassment should not be tolerated and you should document every instance of harassment until the day you leave your job. Prolonged harassment is like prolonged verbal abuse which does not hurt our body but our mind. Our mind is our computer. Don’t wait but take action if you feel it is worth reporting to your state or worth filling a lawsuit.

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