• Dearest, my lyrics are for you…

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    I love you, MT…

    Here’s a poem/verse which I recently wrote; it consists of four stanzas:

    “Love II…”

    “I was decaying in a cell so bleak.
    I never knew, never knew – I fell so deep.
    I felt so weak, ohh your heart melted me;
    I played the cards which were dealt to me…

    Sea, Living like there’s nothing else to see….
    With true feelings, staring at a blue ceiling
    Too appealing though my heart was healing
    You know, it was always you from the beginning

    See, I never thought you’d attack my soul
    REMember our school colors, black and gold?
    REMember foods class? REMember gym and STEM?
    I looked into your eyes – two beautiful Gems…

    You know, I feel passion each moon I remember
    I feel warmth from every June to December
    New Year to May, you know I’m always here to stay
    Babe, Just me love you and I’ll and clear the way …” -AK

    I know it’s a simple poem and it’s short but I like it.
    I’ve written countless poems for you, my love.
    I started writing poetry about you more than 5 years ago…
    I love you so much, MT…

    I love you, always…

    Yours truly,




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