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    I don’t think any of the letters were ever meant for me. I can accept that. I prefer think none of them were ever meant for me. I don’t like the thought of being manipulated anyway. I also like to think the person I was with, wouldn’t do such a shady thing. I would think that if my person were on this site, they would have responded to the letters with mine and their nicknames on them. So I guess that’s it. I’m done with this site. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m better than games anyway if they were for me. Time to press forward. For everyone on this site, I hope healing, health, and new relationships find you!

    Peace out!
    Thanks for putting up with this once love sick fool

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    1. Your Right
      March 29, 2016 at 10:01 pm

      For I said I wouldn’t keep writing letters as you asked me not too remember. I’ve responded though and ini always signed off with my initial(D). How could I brake that promise you asked of me? Can you see why now I haven’t written. It’s been so hard not to actually write what I’ve written in my journal that’s been all about you. I too feel like a love sick fool & guess what we are not and are so much more. How the can I feel this is you? Sweetheart I love you & have stayed true to my word for your what inspired me to become the Man I am now again. Please believe in me. Let’s both leave here & meet up for real? I would love too see you & say so much since this time apart. For you will see for yourself how much I’ve grown emotionally. You opened my eyes to embrace my fear & I’ve conquered it in part thanks to you. It’s me the Man who was previously a fool in how he fell from grace & I’ve learnt so much from this. I’m not perfect & isn’t it a good thing that you’ll never see me do this again. It’s been months babe & honestly is this so much time in the whole picture for I wish to be with you to the ends of my days.


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