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    I don’t quite know where to start with this one, as its going to be rather a long letter.

    I was sent to this site maybe 2010/11 by a friend or a fellow writer, we had an assignment to complete about emotions and “some things are better left unsaid”. It was one of those assignments where in the story the protagonist and antagonist change places, because somewhere at the end, antagonist leaves a “letter” and the whole story changes. But because I lacked experience as a writer and much needed skills I failed. But now I know why she would recommend this site its good research, so I was merely a reader.

    Now and then I’d visit and open my mind, I was tempted to comment but I never had.

    I once mentioned this to a man I was close to, sometime back in 2014/15. I went through hell with this person. This individual.
    He admitted he’d written to me on here, but because I was so messed up, thanks to him, I assumed he’d written every letter.
    To the point, what is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person? We all have different answers to this. But my answer is one word.
    I’m not here writing to get attention, or to have someone pity me and say aww am so sorry or bla bla mind you there are some genuinely kind humans here. I simply came here last week to vent and get things off my chest.

    Funny but sick thing is, he’s here. He’s polluting the site with his Bull poop if i may say so.
    And he’s quite easy to spot.
    His character is, VILE, SELFISH, NASTY AND MEAN.
    I only needed acknowledgment before, but now there isn’t anything he can do to make things right. So i really see no point of him even trying.
    I said my Goodbye to him and that is it.

    But I have noticed hes been writing as well as commenting on his post, by that i mean , planting himself a question and then answering it. I know its him because he’s grammaticaly an eejit.

    Plus his deprived (in more than one aspect) making him sound desperate.
    And it’s scary in a way.
    I’ve seen he’s offended a few people here too because he got his wires crossed (but we can all make that mistake) however he’s totally sure it’s me he’s writing to in the comment boxes.

    I’m so angry with this man, but at the same time this posting and misunderstanding of his, thinking its me hes replying to has become quite funny. I’m now wandering if i’ve lost the plot, but that’s not surprising. If i wrote down every detail of what he’s put me through we would most certainly all need some sort of treatment, or i don’t know, therapy?

    So , I do quite like this site and I always have.
    But I feel maybe its time to part because i’ve said what I need to for now where hes concerned and now id just like to think he doesn’t exiat anymore. I did hate him, but that is a strong emotion and hes not worthy of that. He is however worthy of a BIG SMILE and well wishes. Because I myself believe in God. And God has better plans for him than mine. And it gives me great comfort that God sees all hears all so I don’t need more than that. Plus me wishing him well means I am now content with where I am.

    Can I please also add, I make mistakes, I sin , mostly unaware, but i do. I am not beautiful like everyone else , I am beautiful like me. I have never felt jealous but maybe envious, the healthy kind of envious. I wish everyone well.
    I like to read , I love a good song, a great beat and lyrics …must be tops. I walk funny, I don’t like my hair. Or my facial expressions. I am so insecure. But where TRUTH AND JUSTICE is concerned i don’t give up. I stand behind what I believe to be right.
    So no, I don’t think I have an Ego – testical approach. I don’t think I’m always right.
    But I am right in defending myself and if I defend other women and it makes me sexist I apologise. I assure you I am not really sexist, but I do stand up for women more than men though men are equally important species. We are just better (joke).

    I’m only a passer by on here I don’t mean to hurt anyone. But if I have hurt HIM ..i promise i have thought very carefully and he’s walking lightly compared to what he deserves.

    I hope he finds his slave. And a go to… whatyamacallit.

    But that’s not me.

    So from now on if i’m writing any further letters they will be written purely for reading ..unless I have letters or things to say to people that I cant normally say. I will try my best not to test my french on this :). Unless I don’t come back which is more likely. I don’t know.

    Before I go. I have had a good shot of vodka but not too many just in case my bestie reads this and takes away my stash. I’m containing meself.

    To M.. to L…to Peter… to A Ak M t or d or L haha bundle or whoever you are out there I hope you all find your happiness. To that person who’s always on about “make up sex” just do it yourself man. And to the person always on about tiny dicks. Haha thanks for the laugh.

    Oh and to all those in pain. It passes believe me. And when you find the right kind of man or rekindle the love you might already have..making love is the most amazing thing in the world.
    with the right person.
    So don’t go sharing your hearts with someone who will chew on it.

    I’d write some more but i’m half way to drunk

    Cheers peace love

    Thanks Lins. Just for this escape when i need to hide away and be a coward as someone just as cowardly would say

    God bless.

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