• Dear my love

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    Dear my love,

    Fuck, the days go on and I feel like I’m getting a little wiser… Or a little dumber. Idk exactly what I’m doing anymore. I go to assess my life and the future portrayed ahead and it looks good financially all but a missing key… You. I don’t know where ill end up if I don’t have it. Shit I’m sitting here now going crazy because I can’t call and talk to my advisor. Other than this little voice in my head and this nagging pain in my chest I have no one else to controverse with.

    Fuck this stupid break up I swear it’s retarded. What did I hope to gain money, and bad bitches? Seems like all I’ve gotten was opportunities and loneliness. What are these sorrows of mankind? People complaining about the money, the women, the success. I had it all growing more and more each day. Sure there’s some things I can’t stand about you. Shit feels like sometimes I want to throw your phone in a river, but realizing the mistakes of our break up weren’t you it was me and my petty need to see if the grass was greener.

    I’ll probably never send this letter and just ranting about the things on my mind but shit, this shit is fuckin foolish. So I’ll get a new mattress, I’ll get tested, I’ll do whatever it is in order to pick up where we left off. But shit I can now see we have become too distant to magically mesh ounce more. I’m not a writer I’m a problem solver but once the problems get to deep and the feelings are to bold to push away sometimes it starts pouring out into this mesh of words on a paper.

    Shit I’m so wishy washy I could be writing this today and say I hate you tomorrow but with the cycle of events, I know I’ll just be write back to feeling how I do now. Shit you should fucking hate me right now for putting you through all this torture. I wouldn’t be mad at you, I’m more disappointed in myself to tell the truth. But there’s nothing more I can do than explain how I feel right here, right now. Always remember that I love you no matter what I do, or what anyone says you will always and forever have my heart.


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