• Dear Kaye Cal

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    Dear Kaye Cal,

    I remember the first time I saw you. You were young – just as I was. I remember that what drew me to you was your singing. I must admit, at that time, you were easy to overlook. Tall, lanky, and a head of tousled dark hair, you stood there and showed us what music could do even to non-believers. After that, you popped up on my radar randomly. I’ve never given you then the second glance; you were someone I could listen to all day. But that was just that.

    Six years later, you unexpectedly stumbled into my life again. This time, you were unrecognizable. Broader – but not too broad, taller, and definitely more experienced. Your voice remained the same, if not better, and as you opened your mouth to sing, it was my cue, this time, to fall completely, madly, head over heels in love with you.

    See, it is funny how this can happen to me when I see you only on social media. In the one month that I found you again, I have scoured every corner of the Internet for the slightest mention of you. I have the most insignificant details of your life tattooed on my mind that even I think its crazy. But what can I do? When you fall, you can only hope to be caught. And that’s what I’m hoping for now.

    You are what fill my mind at night and thoughts of you are my waking moments in the recent days. Funny, how you haven’t starred in my dreams yet. But considering how this is going, I am sure that that’s only a matter of time.

    In my most preposterous moments, I pretend to be someone you actually know. But how can you? I am in Cebu…and I’m not even remotely sure where you are now because you seem to be all over the place. I cant recall when your music wasn’t the only thing that impressed me anymore, but I do know that you have created a void in my world that can only be filled, if not by you, then by a you-shaped element of mass. You are that significant in my life right now, and I wonder when I’ll finally be over this.

    I do wish to know you…to talk to you…to hear you. And in some days, to even smell you. If that isn’t crazy enough, I don’t know what is anymore. But until that happens, I will go on admiring you from this side of the screen, cheering you on silently, and rooting for you to get your life’s biggest ambitions. But more that anything else, I wish you fall in love, too, just as I have with you.

    Love always,

    P.S: I am the one with the happiest smile

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