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    Are Christians, when we find ourselves in heartache, and dispair, in a blackhole like you say, we turn to God for help. There is no pain God can’t heal. Go to God with your problem, if you already haven’t. I have. Ive asked God to heal me and strengthen me. I do believe, even though we took our friendship down a sinnful path, that God still wants to help heal our broken hearts. I also believe that you and I are reaping what we sewed. Yes I have experienced the dispair you have. I have had the darkhole, hard heart of stone feeling. Its a scary place to be. But once you hand it over to Jesus and accept that He is for you and not against you, and wants to help you, even if it was a gross sin that caused you to get where your at, then He “Jesus” will help you up and out of that ditch. Only God can heal a broken heart, no human can do that. I also believe Jesus can heal our friendship and make it right. The enemy Satan makes us feel dispair, helplessness, fear. None of that comes from God. Stop letting the enemy beat you down. Stand up, ask God to forgive the adultery you have committed and ask Him to help you learn what your suppose to, and to heal your broken heart. It helps your faith and trust in Jesus grow. It is tough to hand it over to God at first but that’s what needs to be done. If you have accepted Jesus as savior, you can bet your already safe in His arms, He won’t let go of you. Now He wants you to trust Him in healing your heart. Listen to christian music 96.9 is what I listen to. God can do more for our broken hearts than we can do for each others But I do that think we were ment to be friends, well because we were able to get so deep. I still love you and I would love to be able to love you the right way. This time we invite God to be at the center of our relationship. If this is something you think you might want to do, then text the word hello to my phone, then we just go with the flow. I’m going to give it 3 days after this letter posts. If I don’t get a hello text from you, then I will accept its not something you want and you won’t hear from me again. On that note I have made my Facebook public again, enjoy my girl….Happy Easter

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