• To everyone who works with rude unruly customers

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    We work long days, and put up with unruly customers.
    Why is it ok for them to complain about us?
    Why is it ok, for them to be rude to us?
    How is the customer always right?
    And we have to stand for it.
    Their rudeness is a form of abuse.
    It upsets, it discourages.
    For some, it leaves a very negative impact.
    It even made me come very close to quitting my job today.
    How is it, we are in the wrong, when we did the very best we could?
    If we are not allowed to be rude to the customer, then what gives them the right to be rude to us?
    Why do we have to tolerate this bullshit for the sake of the company?

    This is a form of abuse, and sadly exists in so many workplaces. It should not be allowed, we workers, should have the right.. to refuse service to a customer should they become rude to us, sadly this is allowed in so many places.

    I wish I knew what to do about this but I don’t. This is a start.

    I firmly believe, this is a huge issue… that needs to change, in many places.
    I’m a cashier, and half the time.. you don’t even know a customer is upset, until it becomes a scene..


    You want to cause a scene?
    tell everyone you had such horrible service, because I did not hop out of my register, where many other people are waiting to be checked out, and put your bags into your cart for you?
    I don’t think I am the one who is rediculous. You are, and frankly I’m embarassed for you.
    I do not HAVE to put the bags in your cart, I do it out of courtesy.
    Your cart was not reachable, you were not being very nice to me to even begin with.
    And I should go out of my way, for you?

    Yet since the customer is always right, I was told I had to get out of my register and do that? I was the one at fault?

    This was never made clear. It is a given, to help them put items in their cart out of courtesty, if they have brought their cart up next to you. Infact.. it seemed very improvised, just for the sake of pleasing the customer, it was not a part of the job description that I recall.

    No… it is completely unfair. I am just one person. I am not super man, super woman, I cannot please everyone, no one can.

    Humiliating, embarassing.

    Do you have any idea.. how many people you are crushing?
    Do you have any idea, how hard it is, to put up with this customer after customer
    Day to day…
    This is a major problem that exists in many work places today, and needs to stop.
    Needs to change.
    We do so much to please the customers.
    I think its about time… They show us the same respect.
    If they can sit there and be rude to me, I want the right to refuse them service.
    I want a right.

    I want the companies that allow this abuse to consider their employees feelings and stop neglecting them for the sake of the customer. The customer is not always right. Infact, sometimes the customer should just stay home. And if it’s really a big deal to them, that their bag is not packed perfectly, then they should do it themselves, or just stay home if they can’t control themselves. Trust, me there are far bigger issues going on in this world, than your petty little big.

    Perhaps if these companies tried a litter harder, maybe most of their employees wouldn’t quit.

    I want a right. For me.. and for all these people.

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    1. I was in customer service
      March 30, 2016 at 6:58 am

      Unfortunately, customer service is just that – you are servicing the customer. Sometimes people are just assholes because they had a bad day.

      I’ve been on both sides of this and rarely get good service even though I am nice, courteous, and respectful. It’s just a never-ending cycle of people being mean and it affects the next person, whether they are the customer or the one doing the service.

      It does make me sad though, when I wish someone good day, and they reply so thankfully – as though no one has given a fuck in a long while as to how THEIR day is going.

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