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    Should work on this together. If you were to send me a text just saying hey, that could get the ball rolling in the right direction to healing. I’ve texted and called you, and yet no reply, so its going to take you letting your wall down a little bit to send a text that just says “hey”. That will show me you really want to do this. You say you want me happy, well you being in my life will make me very happy. Are you a woman of your word? I think if we work on this together then the black hole starts to dissipate. This is how I would handle this situation. I do believe God brought us together for a reason, we just took it in a direction we shouldn’t have. This situation is fixable, so very fixable, everything can be and will be OK. I believe this will bring us closer together. We will be temptations to each other at first, but we would work through that. We can meet up for lunch and we wouldn’t bring up the past, we would just move forward, wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I think that would be the less painful way. I love you soooo much and I care for you deeply. I would love if you would take my hand and let me help us out of the ditch we are in. It would be an honor for me. I think we are worth a shot at making things right. Its going to be OK my girl, and I know its gotten bad. We are deep enough to fix it. I believe that. I would love to take this journey called life with you by my side. So if you are serious about your wanting me happy, I am letting you know what that will take. Will you take my hand so we can move forward and heal together? If so then just send that “hey” and then I will take the lead, you fallow. If I remember correctly, we dance well together…..

    If you don’t send the text, I will know its not something you want, and I will respect that.

    Love, Baubo

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    1. L
      March 27, 2016 at 6:57 pm

      Can you tell me how should I say hey to you… Can I have your number first!!

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