• A stranger with memories

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    Remember when I used to write u long paragraphs about how much I used to love you? Now I’m gonna write one about the amount of disappointment and grudge I’m holding for u.
    I knew you were going to break my heart but I went all in for it cause u were so special, u understood me so well, we started talking as friends and I never thought you’d actually like me, you had a personality that every girl dreams of, u were so perfect and I loved every single detail about you.
    Days passed by and then u admitted ur feelings to me, I kept hesitating and kept leaving because I was so sure I’m gonna end up heart, but I loved u in a way that I finally was blind and didn’t care if I’m gonna end up hurt, and u kinda comforted me by promising me not to hurt me and break my heart, but u broke ur promise just like all of ur other promises.
    God knows the amount of love I had and still have for u, I was in love in a way that no one can ever love u the same. You were my all day and all night, I was addicted to u, I used to run to u whenever I feel sad. Yes I know we’ve been through the hardest shit and things that no couple can stand, everyone was against us but we were sticking more instead of drifting apart.
    You’re the first guy I went out with on real dates, the first guy that I would trust with my life, the first guy that I’d do anything for him just to make him happy.
    Everytime we broke up we used to stay assholes to each other and then u would manage to get back to and make me fall all over again. But what happened now? Why aren’t u coming back? Did u forget me? After 2 years of knowing each other and loving each other that’s the end? I still can’t believe it, the worst part isn’t probably what u did to me to make me break up with u, it is what you’re doing to me and what u did to me through this time of being apart.
    I know we won’t get back together but I don’t know why I still have this flame of hope in my heart, it’s like knowing it’s impossible to reach the moon by jumping but u want to reach it so bad.
    I’ve sit my hopes too high on u that I’m pushing everyone one away, cause last time I trusted someone they were the first to hurt me, thanks for teaching me this lesson.
    And now you’re just having fun with ur girls while I’m sitting here wondering wtf happened, Im still not being able to believe this.. I feel like this is just a nightmare and I’m hoping it will end soon.
    I’m still not over u and God knows if I’ll ever fall in love again, and even if I fell for someone I know I won’t love him the way I loved u, you were too precious to me, ik you were so toxic but I loved the poison u drugged me with.
    The hardest thing isn’t just u being away, it’s not being unable to talk to u, it’s not knowing if u still love me or not, if you ever think of me or not, and if you’re in love with someone else or not.
    Just make sure next time when u love a girl don’t break her heart in this ugly way, and remember this; life is payback.

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    1. @author
      March 27, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      You stopped talking to me remember? You threw me away remember. Ive held on so tight to you, calling,texting,letters, just to be ignored. Yes I’m still in love with you! But you can’t blaim me for hanging out with a girl who shows me she wants my company. I would love it if you would want to spend time with me, let me love you, you love me, but I can’t keep hanging on to those hopes and keep getting ignored. I enjoy having people want to spend time with me, it feels good after being thrown away and ignored. What did you expect, me to hang on until I had no more pride? I held on for 6 months of rejection and no explanation.

    2. .
      March 27, 2016 at 7:03 pm

      Also remember talking to you day & night ????

    3. Misjudgement
      March 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm

      In what your thoughts of me are. What if I said to you your wrong about me & yes I’ve plenty of female friends & no I haven’t gone there or anywhere in fact. You should know me better than that. Don’t you? I loved taking you on dates for I love wooing you. That was obvious. What can I say to you other than there is & has been no one else. You think so little of me.

    4. L
      March 31, 2016 at 6:05 pm


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