• Restart

    by  • March 25, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Don’t let tears drip down your cheeks, it’s better to accept how life treats when there is no alternative. We might not be close every night like before but can anything take away the feelings that flows deep.
    You don’t come to me everyday neither I see you smiling holding my hand, some days pass I don’t even hear from you all waiting goes for a toss but it has not deterred me from loving you less cos I can feel your love holding me always.
    Doors might be closed even we can’t stop the inevitable but we know if our love truly binds our paths will be crossed again..
    I hope you know what it’s brimming inside but I still believe there remains always a reason behind everything.
    Our roads have never been smooth,testing times are our companions let’s see where it take us now ..
    I believe you will be there you should also have trust on me its not the end but a start of a new journey..
    Till date whatever I have done I have done based on my faith now also whatever I will do will be cos of faith..
    I don’t even know whether this you will read or will this letter ever reach you but I believe if not now someday it will definitely reach cos I don’t play games with hearts and above all you are my precious beat how can you not feel you have to that’s my belief…..

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