• Why always us?

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    Cricket is probably something you have barely heard of or is not a popular sport at where you were born, but in my country it is no less than a religion. I have seen my team, Bangaldesh, play cricket since I was a child. I literally grew up with the team. I spent countless hours watching games that I knew we would never win. Why did I do that? Simple, I love my country and I loved my fellow country men giving their best every time we played a match. As I grew older and mature, so did our team. We started winning some games. We started scoring runs. We found very talented players. Many joined us, played the game, then left us with their legacy and memories. We were criticized all our lives as a cricket nation, but all of us love the game so much, we believed in our team and soon the team delivered. First it was Pakistan who stole that dream from us, by defeating us by 2 runs. Then some wrong decisions took our spot from the very recent 50 Over world cup. Still we didn’t give up. We became stronger and stronger and we had the best run of our career in the year 2015. Today I think that was a curse for us. See, we as a country, we are too confident, and we become monsters when we’re losing. If we can talk shit about other cricket nations when we win against them while being a side who hasn’t proved anything big as of yet, then why can’t we accept defeat? We lost by 1 run, I guess it is because we became too overconfident. We thought we had the game on our hands where as we threw the game. The whole country is in a shamble right now, and most of can’t even sleep. I think we deserve it. I know cricket is not a gentleman’s game anymore, but our country truly have lost the value of cricket and love for the game.

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