• Cry.

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    So it had been over 6 months since a lot in my life changed. The break up, college stress, the death. It sucked. Sucked to the point where I stopped feeling anything anylonger.
    I didn’t shed a tear although all i wanted to do was scream my lungs out. I wanted to let everything out. I wanted to cry.
    Crying, it’s something we think is what a weak person does. But why was it so hard for me then? I sure as hell wasn’t strong back then. I couldn’t bare the weight of all that dawned upon me. Then why couldn’t I cry?
    However, eventually, one day, I don’t know how, I did it. I told everything that was on my my mind-just the way it was-out in the void. I cried. And how!!
    I had never felt better than that in a while. I knew I had finally regained my strength. And just like that, I was happy 🙂

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    1. Peter C
      March 25, 2016 at 10:48 am

      Good for you! I’m glad you were courageous enough to let it all out, without filters. It can be relieving like rain.

      BTW it takes more strength and courage to let it out than to keep it in. Because you can keep it in by always glancing away, refusing to look, and then if you do see it, refusing to connect with the feelings that leak out. Whereas letting it out means not knowing how deep the hurt goes, until it is too late and the emotions are all over the ground. Like breaking the dam without yet knowing the weight of water behind it, but doing it anyway.

      So now you know from how you felt after – this is how we are meant to be, this is right, it feels right! 🙂

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