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    by  • March 23, 2016 • To You • 0 Comments

    Now that I know what you truly think of me, we can now let go of the hope of reconnecting. I don’t want to be friends or lovers at that, with someone who thinks so low of me. I’ve done nothing wrong in our relationship. I had accepted you and your significant other, y’all lived together from day one that we got started. I was living on my own, but was honest about my significant other living in another town. You accepted that from the beginning. The trouble with you and I started once I moved in with him. You had trouble with it. I had been honest about the possibility of moving back in with him a month or so before I did. You said it didn’t bother you and were OK with it. Then I move in with him and two weeks later you cut all contact with me. No warning, no explanations. You just threw me away. I wasn’t mad then. I gave you some space, but I did try and contact you to try and talk about it, like a lover/best friend would do. I didn’t give up on you. I let you know I was still here for you no matter what. I worried about you. I was heart broken, felt used, felt like a curiosity satisfaction for you. I felt like I never meant to you what you meant to me. But I held on. I kept telling myself you would come around and that I was going to be worth some communication and answers. You want to call me a bad person, hateful person, you want to say that I never loved you? If that’s how you feel, imagine how I feel. If you feel that way after all the attempts of me getting a hold of you through phone calls, and text, then imagine how I feel just being thrown away with no goodbye, no explanation, no answers. Thanks for the friendship! Thanks for your honesty, and concern. I’m glad I could clear up your curiosities for you, at least you got something out of it that you wanted. I’ve never been hurt like this before. You were the last person I thought would hurt me. I even hung on so much I agreed to be manipulated on this site. But you claim I never loved you! Well your wrong about that. I fell deeply in love with you and gave you a lot of me in return. To me you were worth trying to hang on too. I would have never thrown you away the way you did me. I couldn’t have done it, I was in to deep emotionally. Well I’m done not being worth it! I will find a woman who thinks I’m worth it! I’m not mad, I’m just done. I still hurt deeply, its not something I know how to heal from. It was the first time I fell so deeply for someone. This letter is for a Venus! I want to make sure the wrong person doesn’t get this letter. I also believe your worth the explanation on how I feel Venus. You know who this is, but just in case you forgot me already, its me Baubo. That’s called open communication. You’re worth that! Goodbye, I really hope you happiness. I also want you to know that through all of this that’s gone on for 5 months, I could never hate you and you still hold a place in my heart. I don’t regret anything accept that I wasn’t worth it for you. P.s. I’m not a slut, piece of shit! I also know more about this site than you think I do, that’s also what hurts!

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