• we would

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    Meet up as though nothing ever happened. We would have music playing,us sitting on the couch. We would stair into each other’s eyes not allowed to touch for 15 min. We would get close like we were fixing to kiss, but unable to for 15 min. I would smell your neck and you would smell mine. We can both feel the passion growing between us. The more we look into each others eyes the deeper we go. Our bodies aching to touch. Our mouths ready to taste, but unable until its time. You would spread your legs, my had would get close, so close it can feel the heat. Unable to touch until its time. Your head lays back, breathing intense, I would smell your neck, unable to touch until its time. Our bodies aching and throbbing, ready to meet. Our hearts beating hard, we are soooo wet ready for our pussies to kiss. Its hard to believe only 5 min have passed, 10 more to wait. Your move your hair to one shoulder. I get behind you and put my mouth close to your skin. You are moaning, goosebumps all over your body. I lay back and spread my legs, making eye contact the whole time. You lean close, you see me throbbing, I start moving my hips back and forth, I can’t help but say your name…….. Unable to touch, your driving me crazy, 5 min to go! I don’t think I can make it 5 more min, my body is aching so hard. You lay on your stomach and I straddle your legs. I get my breast close to your back as o smell your neck again. I can feel the heat of your pussy on my leg, I’m soooo horny for you. Its time!

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