• “UNDO” …imagine that

    by  • March 22, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    If there was an undo button for this,
    I’d never ever, look at you twice.
    You are everything I hate about the world.
    Brilliant on the outside,
    Gross inside, ugly inside.
    The only good thing about you is in your heart,
    You know? That beat, that feeling that lets you know you are alive. If there was an undo button id skip you with passion and let you get on with your selfish , shitty fake life.
    Id sit aside and watch you, your next naive , stupid woman. You know the kind? The ones who ” wont talk” let you get away with what you know best you sad sad man. You make me physically sick, remember that. You are, you ….were. in my heart because of who I am. Not because you come close to what I deserve. My punishment is duable.
    Is yours?
    I cannot wait for here for after when everything is revealed, all behind closed doors, intentions and actions. I live for that day.

    I made you. Aint no one gon’ do half for you
    This what im doing …believe me is for me and 4 other reasons. But you you know me… I like time
    And i have accomplished one thing you never thought I could…Patience.
    I want you to be happy 🙂
    Because sunshine nothing lasts forever. Except hereafter.. and thats worth waiting for.

    I pray you burn til death.

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