• Do you love me?

    by  • March 22, 2016 • Resentment • 1 Comment

    I really wonder. It seems like you just spend all your time antagonizing me. Is that what you want? Me to just fly off the handle at you. Would that justify you in walking away forever. Is THAT what you want?

    If you really wanted to be with me, we would be together now. It couldn’t be any simpler. Im not throwing up any roadblocks. What is that you want? Seriously? You want me to be a certain type of man? You’re not allowing that.

    I get this sense like what your really want, is for me to just have absolutely no expectations of you. I guess thats what your idea of a successful relationship is. What a successful marriage is.

    “Oh hey honey, missed you last night.” “Yeah, I didnt feel like coming home” “Its ok, I wasnt expecting you too. What did you do? Did you have fun?” “I went out. Met a girl, went back to her place. We had sex. Don’t worry its not cheating if its with a girl”. “Worry, me? Of course not love, I have no expectations. Im glad you had a nice time.” “Thanks. Well, what did you do?” “Oh I just stayed in. My Mom and Dad called to wish my a happy birthday, so it was nice talking to them.” “Oh shit, I forgot. Happy birthday.” “Thanks babe! Thats so sweet of you! Do you think maybe we could have sex tonight?” “No sorry Im still pretty tired from last night.” “Thats fine, I wasn’t expecting you to. Well its nice to see you! I love you!” “Thanks, yeah you too, I’m gonna go out now, Ill see you later.” “Goodnight”

    Yeah thats what you want right? Well Im glad you know what youre doing, since you get to call all the shots. Im sure this will work out great. Ill just keep doing what Im doing til you deign me worthy of your respect.

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    1. K
      June 22, 2016 at 9:33 am

      Haha! This is very funny. Still, we all have different values and morals. If you don’t clarify your expectations its not fair to expect others to guess. If you treat this person like a casual thing, then this person will treat you as a casual thing.

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