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    Here I am two years and a half years since you broke my heart and a year and a half since I ended our 12 year friendship. I’ve moved on from all of that yet a small piece of me wants to be your friend again but I have no way knowing if you still care or if even friendship is even possible. Furthermore after the way you treated me before our massive fallout; I don’t even know if being your friend is a worth my time. Because let’s face it stating you’ve be purposely keeping your distance because you’ve been considering someone in your life immediately after someone has opened up to you about their abusive past and how that messed them up. That’s still a shitty thing to do to an old friend regardless of your reasons.

    That’s the only thing now that im still sore about and the one thing I need to make peace with, and I’m on that road in that final stretch to the one thing I wanted and needed from this whole situation…closure.

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