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    Still can’t believe you died.
    Maybe someone misses you.
    But I don’t. When I buried you, I hoped that you end up burning, deep, feeling the pain you left in me, because you always said “we are connected through hearts” so be it. Then burn.
    Keep burning. Till you die again.
    Because you die every day, I send you off each night and each day.. there is only a second between today and tomorrow and a very thin line between love and hate, as well as life and death in the heart. If, one day you find yourself breathing then you will have 4 reasons to be afraid those 4 reasons, God willing, will always remind you of me, of what you did, you will pray no one does to them what you did to me.
    Don’t confuse your heart…. with guilt and love.
    Maybe one day you learn the difference.
    As promised, i’ll never say goodbye.
    God willing, you cry til you can’t cry more…for all the lies. The abuse.
    One day you die til you can’t die anymore.
    Because I died a long time ago
    Thanks to you.
    4 reasons I am still alive will be the 4 reasons why you die. or could it be 5 now?
    Who knows, oh that’s right. One knows.
    One knows all .. !

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    1. Indica
      March 22, 2016 at 12:35 am

      What could this person have done to you to make you feel this way?

    2. ...
      March 22, 2016 at 3:08 am

      Nice letter.
      I wish you the best.
      Don’t feel like you can’t go to a psychiatrist with problems such as these.
      Although, I agree with some of what you wrote, it’s easy for the self-fulfilling prophecy to catch you off guard.
      Don’t compartmentalize issues such as sadism, hate, love, and guilt.
      In my own philosophy, I believe the only truths are what we perceive as the truth.
      Learn how to love infinitely and learn how to free your mind from toxic/volatile emotions.

    3. Lima
      March 22, 2016 at 7:38 pm

      Evidently. Theres good reason for anger in this letter.
      Am sure, this person is recieving the right kind of help.
      And anyone in this situation, should not be alone nor deal with things alo ne. Writing I believe is a good form of therapy..or at least a step.
      We people have a tendency of judging too quickly.
      Nothing is really as it seems.

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