• How do I unlove you

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    It’s been over 2 years but I still think about you. It’s been over 2 years but I still lay awake at night drowning at the thoughts of you. It’s been over 2 years but the good and bad things we had, still replay in my mind every now and then.
    I kept myself busy to not have time for thoughts of you. I even tried traveling just to get my mind off you. But I still end up thinking of you and wishing you were there with me. Wishing I could share with you the nice view in front of me.
    I still don’t get it. Or do I just refuse to accept it? You’re with someone else now. Someone you truly love. Someone you’re willing to take the risk with. Someone whose not me.
    The memories of you holding my hand and looking me in the eyes while telling me you love me still play in my head over and over again. But then the memory of you “breaking up” with me is more vivid. You did not love me “that way”. You just took advantage of the chance that I was there for you. That I was available. You just did the things we did just for fun. For the sake of boredom. You don’t really love me that way. That’s how you put it. You never thought of me as your lover.
    It’s been 2 years but I still remember the first time I crossed the bridge. The first time I made the boldest move I could ever make, I kissed you. In not a friendly way. But surprisingly you responded just the same. With the same passion and longing. Or was it I just imagining and giving things meaning? But after then we got even bold. Said things and did things that normal friends wouldn’t do. I thought we were both on the same boat all those time. But I was wrong. It was only me who fell for you. My best friend.

    It’s been 2 years now since you “broke up” with me. But I still love you the same. You will be the only girl I’ll ever love. The only girl I’ll ever allow to wear the lipstick I wore on my lips.

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    1. Laura
      March 21, 2016 at 2:34 pm

      It will get better, but letting go needs time. I believe that you can do it.
      stay strong. ?

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