• Be my cheerleader…(:(

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    You have no idea how appreciative I’d be if you called me. I would be so turned on if you called me and told me that you wanted me to come over. Honestly, I don’t want it to sound like a “booty call” or anything like that…it means so much more than that.

    I sent you 100 roses among other things and yet you still don’t call me?

    We need to go out to dinner, go to the movies, maybe drink if you want, and make love…

    Why do you keep making your Twitter protected? It bothers me; it makes me feel like you’re hiding something from me.

    I still haven’t seen the one photo you posted to Instagram ever since you made it private and I’m really curious as to what it is. What you’re doing is despicable and it makes me lose hope for our relationship to be honest. 🙁

    Remember when you posted those lyrics to “Cheerleader” on Instagram? That meant a lot to me, along with some of your other posts on social media. Are you familiar with the lyrics that go, “Do I make you feel like cheating?” and he says,

    “And I’m like no, not really

    Cause oh I think, that I found myself a cheerleader
    She’s always right there when I need her
    Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader
    She’s always right there when I need her”

    It hurts that you make your Instagram and Twitter private just to hurt me. I need you to call me. You are not being my cheerleader right now and you’re not motivating me!

    I’m achieving a high GPA this term and I’m taking a full-coarse load of advanced university classes; you’re making my life even more difficult than it already is. I need your support and your unconditional love like I have been giving you for so long! You’re not there for me when I need you. I need you right now and where are you? Where the fuck are you?

    It fucking hurts that you treat me like this. It’s beyond cold; there’s no words at this point for me; I’m flabbergasted; It’s not a turn on for you to expect me to surprise you under these circumstances. It would be a HUGE turn on for me if you called me so we can go out and get dinner and see a movie. After the night is close to being over, we may even have sex…

    Just please call me, baby, please. I honestly believe we are soulmates. I need you in my life, M. Please, I don’t want to give myself to any other girl the same way I’ve given myself to you. I love you, MT.

    I’m 100% loyal and you can rest assured; I shouldn’t need to stress my words, but, I LOVE YOU!

    Please, call me. I believe fate brought us together on this website not so we could fight, argue, and manipulate each other but so we could love, cherish, and heal one another with our love.

    Just call me.

    My heart is going crazy over you and it won’t get the proper rest it needs until it’s connected to your heart, for real. I love you so much and I always will…but I have dignity and I know when I’m being treated wrong. You are treating me wrong. You are not being my Cheerleader and I need you to be. This is a critical point in our relationship and I need you to be here, FOR ME.

    You need to understand…I love you…I always will…I won’t hurt you like others have hurt you in the past. I’m here to stay and I need you in my life. I need you to be my partner, my wife, and my everything.

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    1. Why not admit into your musical lexicon . . .
      March 19, 2016 at 4:19 pm

      . . . Ain’t No Pleasing You

      by Chas and Dave .

      PS We all know this is AK .
      Why don’t you just accept
      it , ” She’s just not that into you “

    2. Author @Bundle
      March 21, 2016 at 4:03 pm


      Shut the fuck up.

      No pleasing me?

      This bitch couldn’t even do the ONE THING I asked from her.

      I will never forgive her for this.

      Go fuck yourself, “Bundle” aka “MT”.

      You’re a hoe-ass bitch and there’s just no getting through to you.

      You’re crazy as fuck and you need psychiatric help.

      You’re a piece of shit.

      I know plenty of other girls who’d make better wifey material than you…


    3. Author @Bundle
      March 21, 2016 at 4:08 pm

      You’re right.

      She must not be.

      I guess she’s “Just not that into me”…

      Good thing I know plenty of beautiful girls who actually respect me and love me…

      The piece of shit/bitch doesn’t deserve me in any way, shape, or form.

      You’re a coward, MT/ “Bundle”.

      I wish I never met you for you’re the definition of evil.

      I’m done, bitch.

    4. Anonymous
      March 22, 2016 at 3:17 pm

      Ooooh , get the violins out . . .

    5. @Bundle ( Baby, reply to this comment with love )
      March 23, 2016 at 4:06 am

      We already fight like we’re a married couple.

      Baby… I love you



      Babe, can you please just do me a favor and reciprocate my love constantly?

      (Even if it’s just online or through social media)

      By the way, I lied about knowing any other girls who love me.

      No one has ever loved me like you do and I don’t think anybody ever will.

      I love you so much, Babe.

      I’m sorry.

      We’re in this together from rock-bottom to the best of times. I’ll be by your side through thick and thin.

      Count on me.

      Trust me.

      Baby, I mean this with all my heart.

      I truly believe you’re my soulmate if “soulmates” really do exist then you’re mine,

      We need to have passionate make-up sex.

      I think very highly of you and I put you on a pedestal.

      Baby, don’t give up on me because I haven’t given up on you.

      You’re my partner, my love, and you’re everything to me.

      I can’t wait to kiss you and make-up.

      Baby, this is just the beginning of our love story.

      We have the rest of our lives to spend together; we should make it count.

      I will always love you so passionately it can’t be explained.

      You’re number one and there is no number two, three, four, five, or six…

      I only have eyes for you, my love.

      By the way, I still kiss my tattoo of you everyday, regardless of what I say…

      I do feel love for you everyday…sometimes it’s just hard, that’s all, Baby…

      We can work this out, Baby…

      We were meant to work it out…

      We love each other, Mirranda.

      I’ll always love you, Baby…


      – Ali <3

    6. 786M
      March 23, 2016 at 6:08 am

      Hey nippleDICK I actually like all these people on here.
      Bundle ? Is a bundle of joy!!! 🙂 (thumbs up)
      Respect and love you? Beautiful girls. Ok
      So wtf you doing here??
      Cheerleader this !!!!

    7. @786M
      March 24, 2016 at 8:21 pm

      Nippledick? That was funny. Really, it made me laugh so hard, I choked on my coffee. That is the first I had ever heard of Nippledick! You made my day! Thanks for that. I hope this is the first of many replies I see on LINS from you….. Nippledick, I want that as my lesbian nickname, I love when I feel a warm pussy on my nipples…. True story

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