• Morgan Wheeler-F.

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    You’ll never see this, but I have to get it off my chest.

    You were my first love. You were my protector; the one Watson I could always count on. We had our petty arguments, but we always had each others back. We never dated, even though everyone said we were perfect for each other. I regret it; I regret how stubborn I was. I regret how anytime you got too close to me, I pushed you out of my life. I regret not kissing you, even though I told you on a daily basis that someday I would get to experience kissing you. I regret not pursuing a relationship with you. However, I know why I didn’t. I was scared of the love you had for me. I was young, and your love was so strong. You had so much love to offer, and I wasn’t used to that. My parents didn’t show me love growing up, but you already know that. Your love was too much for my young brain to comprehend, even though my heart returned your love. You will never understand how sorry I am.
    I will always hold dear to me the memories we made. That night at the dance, where you held my hand for the first time. The day u gave you the stuffed wolf, because I always called you my wolfy. The day we reconnected after big our failed relationships with other people. The night you sent me the song; I still can’t listen to it without crying. All of our silly conversations; they always made things better when my parents were going off. The way I felt safe and loved whenever you would hug me.
    I don’t think I will ever be able to truly love someone the way I do you. It’s an overwhelming love, an all consuming love. After seven years, I still miss you.
    I swear to god, mine and yours, that if I ever get the chance to fix this- I will.

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