• I’m sorry

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    I have been posting fantasy posts. It’s something I shouldn’t be doing. You have made it clear you are over me and have moved on. I don’t know if you come to this site or not. All these letters just mind fuck people who are having trouble letting go. I’m guilty of having trouble, up until today. The more I’m ignored the easier it has become to realize your gone. Look I will cherish our memories and what we had for a short time. You were right to walk away. It was the only way. I am being selfish by posting letters in an attempt to hang on. They say if you truley love someone, then when they want to leave, you let them. I have found myself the last couple of days having fun again. I can feel my happy coming back. I am surrounded by people who love being around me and me around them. I’m getting healthier. I don’t regret us! It was an honor to experience love so deep with someone so awesome. Because I love you, I will let you go, I want you happy, and if that means me not in your life, then I accept that. I hope you all the happiness you seek. I hope you prosper in all you do, but most of all, I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I have learned a lot and have experienced emotions I have never felt before. Wow what a chapter in my life story, and your the main character. Your next best friend is a lucky person. Love you always, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Goodbye my girl……


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      Is that u, T?

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