• fantasy #3

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    We are at the beach. The sun is setting, the sky dark blue, pink, and orange. The smell of the ocean fills the air. We are sitting on long lounge chairs, the pillow type kind. Truck windows open so we can hear the music playing. We are watching the sunset. I reach over and grab your hand into mine. I pull you over to my lounge chair, your still soaked from the swim we had taken,so am I. We are the only ones on the beach, no one around for miles. As I sit up, I spread my legs and you sit In between them. I start to massage your shoulders. You start to move your hips back and forth, your sexy ass is now rubbing against my throbbing pussy. I start to kiss and lick your back, biting oh so gently. You get up and straddle my leg, with your back facing me. I spread my legs wider and grab your left hand and slip your fingers inside me. I’m now thrusting back and forth. You lean back, your warm back is now up against my hard nipples. I take my right hand and slip my fingers into your warm,wet,aching pussy. Your head is laying on my shoulder. We are so deep inside each other. Looking into each others eyes we start kissing. I want to hear you say my name. Its so intense we are both about to cum all over each other. You feel soooo good. I want to taste you,and you me. We end up 69, eating each other harder and harder. We both peak. We are sweaty,and relaxed in pure ecstasy. I grab the blanket out of the truck. By now its pitch black out. We push the the chairs together. We hold each other tight, listening to the waves crashing to the shore, feeling each others heart beats and breathing, we fall asleep. The next thing we know its morning, we are still holding one another. We get up after a morning kiss and go plunge into the cold salt water…… Ready for day two to start. Never wanting it to end.

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    1. Cha
      March 15, 2016 at 4:58 pm

      Wow..ummm..yeah sooooo..errr u have a wild imagination author lol

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