• fantasy #2

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    You pick me up in your car, as I get in, the smell of your sweet skin fills my nose. My heart starts to beat faster, my breathing gets rapid. We pull away, driving to an unknown destination. I can feel the passion getting so heavy. Your eyes tell it all. Mine do to, but your to nervous to look my way. Your eyes peeled to the road, I can’t take my eyes off of you. I lean over and start to smell your neck, your eyes roll back as your head leans back. I start kissing your ear. I whisper …… “You smell soooo good”. You are trying to keep your eyes on the road. I want to touch you. While kissing your neck and ear I reach down and lift up your dress. Your panties soaked with your wet. I’m aching and throbbing hard, wishing we were rubbing our wet together. You spread your legs. I slip inside of you, your thrusting back and forth, moaning, saying my name. You want inside of me. I unbutton my jeans. The aching so intense, I feel light headed. Your fingers now inside me, we are soooo wet, we are kissing so hard and deep, you pull the car over and lean back the car seat. I take off my jeans and straddle your leg. Your wet pussy up against me, mine against you. We both take our fingers and suck them to taste each other. “…… You taste and smell soooo good. You grab my ass to pull me closer. I take your breast in my mouth, about to cum all over you. I can see the pulse on the side of your neck beating fast, I want my mouth on it. Tears rolling down your gorgeous face, your lips red and swollen. I want to make love to that pussy with my mouth. I crave your taste on my toungue. You grab my hair and rub your wet all over my mouth. I want you to cum all in my mouth so I can swallow you. I want you to make love to me with your mouth. I want you to feel me throb on your sexy swollen lips. I love you soooo much. Wish you felt the same.

    Love Always,

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